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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Unh Uh!!

 KC's Schlitterbahn has lost their minds..
This waterslide?  Is 17 stories high..
It has 264 steps to reach the top..
And until Guiness comes to measure,
won't release the actual height of their newest
thrill ride named, "Verrückt", which is German for "Insane".
 I agree..
It even has a hump that it will shoot you over.. 
Me??  Go on that?!!

Here is a actual point of view camera
shot of someone going down the
Insano, which currently holds the tallest
water slide record down in Brazil.
This video doesn't look too bad..
That climb?
That slide?
No thank you.
I'll stay closer to the ground.
Much, much, much closer to the ground.

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