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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

I need these.. Lol..

I am an infomercial junky.
If it was up to me, I
would have a houseful of items
As Seen On TV.
The newest infomercial to catch my eye?
I hate having to chop veggies.
This makes it look super duper easy.
Push and chop!
However, now I also want a Chillow.
And dagnabit..
Someone else cashed in on my million dollar idea.
I hate driving at night.
Those Zenon headlights are blinding,
and people love to turn their fog lights on when
they don't need them.
Maybe I have trouble seeing at night
because I have light hazelish eyes.
They are almost a yellowish-green color.
I had an idea to lesson the effects
of those bright lights out there.
Someone beat me to the punch.
I really do need some of these.
For sure!
So, my infomercial obsession continues.
Lol.  Does anyone know where
Informercial Anonymous
meetings are held?

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