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Friday, December 13, 2013

What to do, what to do, what to do..

I have a whole vacation day tomorrow,
which should be great, given that
we are supposed to be in for some blechy
weather.  We've got ice and some
snow that should be moving
in this evening.
However, my wine mob is calling a wine mob
meeting for tomorrow,
and I'm all in.
Lol. We are like the post office
 when it comes to wining.
At least one of our group buys us presents,
she brought us coconut candles from
her trip to the Dominican Republic
and pumice stones to keep our
feet soft and smooth.
She has already let me know that
she's got a Christmas gift for me.
Ergo, I am ready to make her
one in return.
Here are my choices..
 Terra Cotta Coasters found at
which doesn't seem to be
loading, so maybe she's
no longer at home
I love the color,
and Kathy loves going to
New Orleans.
Her daughter is currently attending
Tulane University,
so I'm thinking Fleur de Lis
and maybe some other N'awlins accents.
We love wine, so we would
surely love these keychains
found here..
Or my last idea, would be this
lovely little item with the
letter "K" for her first name.
She has a hyphenated last name
and is currently divorced,
sooo, I don't want to pick a letter
and be the one that she no
longer really wants.
This lovely idea was found here.
Decisions, decisions, decisions.
I'm leaning towards the
coasters though.  : )..
Should be fun no matter what.
Yay Wine!

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