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Saturday, January 18, 2014

I will forever be a tomboy.. Until....

I grew up with two older brothers..
I grew up with boys for neighbors..
I grew up playing with cars in the dirt
with the boys at school,
always getting in trouble with our 
elementary school gym teacher
Old Dan Tucker
because I always had dirt under my fingernails.

I grew up playing sports..
I played catch with the football..
I played softball,
starting out as a catcher,
then moving on to pitch in my later years.

I coached a Junior girls softball team with
one of my friends when we were both
merely 16 years old.
We were the youngest coaches in our town.

I grew up wearing an occasional dress,
but I doubt that it was my choice.  Lol.
I know this because I've got pictures
of me in dresses.

I still don't wear dresses..
You will never see me in high heels,
mainly because I would fall over and knock out
a whole row of people to the side of me.

I will always be a tomboy.
Days like today.
When I go into our basement..
Getting ready to do laundry..
And I open the washer lid..
Put my load of clothes inside..
Reach for the detergent on the shelf
next to the washing machine
and seeeeeeee..

One of these,
chilling out...
Just hanging out on the pipe..
Sitting sideways..
Just..  Waiting..
Waiting to jump on me..
It is..
A Camel Cricket..
 I swear.
It really wasn't much smaller than that..

It's times like that
which remind me..
I am female..
I am a girl..
I am..
Totally freaked out by those things..

They can jump 50 feet in a split second..
Instead of being scared of us and
hiding?  Or jumping away?
They jump AT you.
I kid you not.

I hate those things.
I got a fly swatter and thought
that I got him.
He wiggled around the pipe
and came back for round two.
I still don't think that I got him.
I know he's in there waiting for me..
Biding his time..
I think this is in order.
 Seems reasonable.
i am such a girl..

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