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Saturday, February 8, 2014


I thought that it was very appropriate that this was
the first song that played on the radio when
we test drove our new"er" car today.
Especially since this is what I just changed my
Facebook profile picture to last night..
 : )..
 And now..  For our "new" car..
It's a 2002 Ford Taurus..
Looks nice outside..
Looks nice inside..
Drives great..
Drives straight..
Lotsa pep..
Comfy to boot..
 A couple minor dings on this side,
nothing major or that noticible..
Love the slate gray color..
And the fact that it has cloth seats instead
of super cold leather for the winter time..
It's even got a little bling going on..
And best yet?
It came with a rebate.
There is six cents in the glove box.
Allllrighty then.
: )..
No more bus.

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