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Monday, February 3, 2014

Urban Groove..

It's been a crazy week.
My car finally gave out after a 200 mile trip
to Columbia, MO and back.
Since we are down to one vehicle,
I got to see a part of the Kansas City metro area
that I had always thought about investigating.

It only costs $3 for a day pass to ride the KC Metro
bus system, so I've been hopping from bus to bus
for the past few days.  It's been an interesting, cold,
tiring lesson though.  The first morning included a few
important tips, such as, not forgetting to walk a
couple blocks to catch the right bus, and that
some of them have stops on both sides of the street.

After riding the bus for a few days, I've gotten
fairly efficient at navigating the different routes.
I've met some very interesting people,
gotten to hear what I could only guess was a verbal
version of a tramp stamp (lol), and seen the good that is
still happening in this town.  I've seen passengers
offer seats to others, make sure that late arrivals still make
it to the bus before it leaves, and people hand over their
day passes to others when they were finished with it.

Hopefully we will have a "newer" car here in the next
few days.  I scheduled vacation for Wednesday,
and I'm waiting to hear about Thursday, or possibly
changing my hours temporarily so that they are within the
bus route schedules, instead of having to wait until 7am to start back home.

Here are some pictures of what I've been experiencing..
I've either been waiting for the bus, riding the bus,
working, waiting at work for a lift,
or trying to catch up on sleep at home.
It's been an exhausting few days.
Thanks to my co-workers who gave me a rides
along the way - they kept me from being
stranded at work over night..
Thanks Annette, Patty and Amanda!  : )..

 Is that one of my buses?
Nope..  It's the 106..  : (..
Brrrr..  It's cold..  Am I in the right spot?
Nope!  Ack!  Lemme run up the street..
 Downtown in the dark..
Early in the morning..
Kind of intimidating at times..
 I did find the AMC dinner theater downtown..
I'd like to try it out sometime..
Dinner and a movie?
Count me in.  : )..

Got to go over this bridge several times on a bus
that tipped and moved with every nuance of the road below..
That was..  not so fun..
Did I mention that it snowed one day?
Yup.  Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr..
Although - it was better than having to drive in it.
I got to enjoy my town during my adventure.
This has always been one of my favorite KC metro pictures.
Well, minus the beat up looking car in the middle.
Lol.  Anyway.  I'm sooo glad that it's my two days off.
Whew.  I can rest up for a couple more crazy days.
Yay.  Time for some wine.  : )..

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