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Monday, February 24, 2014

Wine Clubs, Wine Mobs and Car Keys Oh My..

Haven't quite adjusted to my new 0400-1230 schedule
where I can blog as much as usual.
Work is getting easier though.
I'm not a total zombie at 4am right now,
although, I haven't exactly been the brightest bulb in the building either.

Went to the first Wine Club pickup at Fence Stile Vineyard
Saturday night with our Wine Mob.
Had a great time.
Got some great wine.
Went out to get in the car to leave.
Went to get my keys.
Guess where they were?

Our new car only has one set.
The key has a chip in it,
and a duplicate would cost $60.00.

My key?
Was securely in the ignition.
The doors?
Securely locked.

Had to catch a ride home.
Had to catch a ride with the not so thrilled other half 
the next morning.
Had to try several different things before
he was able to hook the button and
pull it up.

We will be getting a mock key
because apparently, I have a proclivity to lock
my car keys in the car.
I'm great at that.
Well versed.
: /..

The wine club was great.  : )..
Delicious food.
Delicious wine.
Great friends.
Got a sneak peak at
Fence Stile's new
building where they will have
a bigger tasting room
and party facilities.

It was a great night despite the key snafu.
: )..

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