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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Sandy Beaches, Scuba Diving, Clear Water.. And.. Machetes?

We have always considered taking a cruise to some
nice, quiet, tranquil, tropical locales..
We've just never quite gotten there yet..
This might not be a bad thing..
I ran across this article that pinpoints
some port of calls that the sea-faring passengers
might wanna..  ohh..  say..  skip?
I could still enjoy time stuck on a boat..
I'm all for the pool..
And look at the gorgeous water..
I could definitely skip the machetes..
Most definitely..
Without a doubt in my mind..
Not that I've been around them..
I just trust that I could definitely skip that port of call..
Good information to have..
Be careful out there y'all..
It's a dangerous world..
Even if it is beautiful..

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