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Friday, July 6, 2012

Aha! Durr! Really? Lol.

Ok.  So.  We've lived in this house for almost four whole years.  I've had an actual built in dishwasher that isn't me for this entire time.  Today?  Today was the first day that it occured to me, that little silverware bucket / container?  Instead of gathering a handful of silverware and trudging the four steps to the silverware drawer?  I can actually, actually, (ACTUALLY!) pick it up out of the dishwasher and take it with me, while trudging those four steps to the silverware drawer.  Wow.  Almost four whole years to figure that out.  Ok.  I've never claimed to be the sharpest tool in the shed.  I'm thinkin I must have had a little bit of my tool hangin out getting a little rusty in the rain.

On top of that?  Tonight?  After making tacos and having a mess on the kitchen counter?  I had to wash one of the pans because the dishwasher was already full and running.  I used to left over pan, held it under the lip of the counter and brushed all of the lettuce, cheese and taco meat that was dropped into the pan.  Whoosh.  Again.  Four years.  Dang.  It's been a day of epiphanies.  Lol.  It's taken a while, but by gosh!  I have hope!

On another note??  One of our Target stores has finally, finally, finally stocked Schticky's!  They have Schticky's!  I need a Schticky!  I have pet hair!  I have dust bunnies!  I have stuff on the floor that could easily be picked up by a Schticky!  However!  Yikes!  They were $20.  I'm not quite so sure that I need a Schticky that bad.  Lol.  : )..  I did get a free Swiffer Wet Jet last Sunday, while helping my friend move.  I hoped she had Schticky's too, but alas, no luck.  Ha! 

Anyway.  Whew.  It's been a long week, despite one holiday off from work.  I have to rest up from that and my epiphanies.  I've had a few other ones this week, including a great idea for truckers who need a safe and secure spot to park a truck.  Dutch shot that idea down.  Whateva.  He might rethink it if he gets another truck.  Well.  If the insurance company ever figures out that we had as much in it as what it was insured for.  That's a totally different story.  Alrighty.  Whew.  I'm worn to a frazzle.  TGIF for sure.


  1. Just got your comment about the shutters. Do you know you have no comment reply set on you blog. I couldn't respond to your comment you left. It is under settings.. Lori

    1. I would really love to fix that, but I don't know what setting is blocking it. If you could tell me exactly what I need to do, I will gladly fix it! I know everyone tells me that it is in Settings, but where do I go? : )

    2. Here ya go:
      *Go to your dashboardC
      *Click on BLOGGER PROFILE from the drop down menu in the upper right hand corner
      *Click on EDIT PROFILE
      *Check the box next to SHOW MY EMAIL ADDRESS
      *Then go down and ENTER YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS
      *Then click SAVE PROFILE

    3. Thank you Tina! : ).. I wouldn't even have noticed the typos. I have fixed my profile now! Yay! Thank you very much! I kept looking at the settings in my dashboard, but not in the profile itself. Yay!