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Monday, July 9, 2012

Cops fun in the Summertime..

Lol, had our own version of Cops in the neighborhood last night.  Took the pups out one last time around 10:30pm.  Despite the darkness, I could see two cop cars (one Independence black and white, and one dark, county car), parked, lights and engines off on the road across the field behind us.  No sooner than I had called the dogs to go back in, and put one step on the deck steps, I heard, "GET ON THE GROUND!!" I'm tellin ya!  I almost hit the ground!  Lol.  Then, "STOP RESISTING OR I'LL TASER YOU!", followed by, "I'm not resisting!" and then, "STOP RESISTING!" and, "Agh!!"  Lol.  I'm guessing their version of "not resisting" differed from the Independence Police's version.  I didn't hear anything after that, but saw a paddy wagon pulling by shortly after that.  Hot cops fun in the summertime.  : )..  Gotta love the city.


  1. soooo.....how did the dogs react when they heard,"Get on the ground"???

    1. They didn't even pay any attention. I'm surprised they didn't start barking, but nothin. Lol.