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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Dinner for tomorrow..

Whew, had a quiet weekend, cleaned house, shampooed a carpet and basically took it easy.  Great way to spend a weekend, if you ask me.  Even worked in a lot of time to play with the puppies.  They loved it.  Getting ready to head back to work and back to the grindstone.  Once again this month, we are having to step up our evaluation production.  We have to finish five rounds again and we are barely into our second round.  Whew.  Work is going to wear me out!

Thinkin about making something quick and super easy for dinner tomorrow.  I just so happen to know that we have a whole chicken chillin out in the freezer, and I'm sure we have all of the other necessary ingredients for some crockpot bbq chicken.

Found this Pinterest recipe here..

Alrighty, time to rest up for the chaotic week that lies ahead.
: )..

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