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Friday, August 24, 2012

Chiefs.. Yay.. Ooooh..

We started this preseason with such hope, after beating the Arizona Cardinals and having all of our walking wounded return from last season.  We lost Cassell, Berry, McCluster, Moecki, and several others.  They came back with a vengence during that game.  Then, we played the St. Louis Rams...
We didn't do so well.  And now?  We are playing the Seattle Seahawks.  Although, I spent the night watching 20/20's airing of the Jaycee Dugard story, I think I picked the right channel.  I missed seeing Dewayne Bowe while he was out, negotiating a contract during the first couple games.  Not sure if he was in there tonight.  He's one of my favorites.  People get down on him because he drops the ball at times, but lemme tell ya!  When he catches them, those catches are spectacular!  : )..

 Opposing coaches have lost soo many time outs
disputing the validity of his circus catches.  Lol.
 Can you see why?  : )..
And, yup!  He caught that one and it was good!
Go Bowe!!
Another bright spot during the first game was
the addition of Peyton Hillis this year.
He was great during the first game.
I'll get back to watching the games again
so I will know how well he has done since then.
We lost to the Rams.
We were getting whooped by the Seahawks.
We might have a good season,
or, we might have another bad one.
Either way, win or lose,
we still love our Chiefs.
: )..

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