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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Easy, peasy breakfast..

I don't do a lot of the cooking, luckily, my husband is good at that, or we have simple things.  Lol.  However, I was feeling a little industrious this morning and amazingly had enough of the ingredients, or similar substitutions, so I tossed this together and went on my merry little way..  : )..
 The last breakfast casserole was too
greasy for Dutch, so I browned my
sausage and poured off the grease this time..
I layered the sausage in..
Put a couple handfuls of the cheddar and mozzeralla
cheese in..

Put one cup of milk and
three eggs in a bowl and mixed them..
Poured the milk and egg mix over the cheese..

Substituted some french fries for hashbrowns..
Cooked it for 45 minutes at 350 degrees..
 Let it cool for over 10 minutes and
enjoyed a nice, easy, peasy, yummy breakfast..
And I found it listed on Pinterest, of course,

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