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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Misty Harvest..

Soo, after soo many days and weeks and months of drought conditions, this morning's grape harvest at the Fence Stile Vineyard in Excelsior Springs started out a little misty.  I stopped and grabbed a couple 88 cent rain ponchos on my way to meet my co-worker, who also braved the rainy start.  We were harvesting the Vidal Blanc grapes this time.  There were twelve full, lush, vibrant rows, and less than 30 people who volunteered to help.  Amazingly, twelve rows later, we gathered over 9,000 pounds of grapes, and filled eleven full crates of fruit.  It was too rainy and muddy for them to run the crusher this time, so they popped the corks on their newest wine, "Sejour", which means, "Visit".  It was pretty delish.  These were the first bottles of the new addition, they hadn't opened any before.
All in all, despite the mist, it was another great, therapeutic harvest.  Here are some of the pics..  : )..

 Genea pickin some of the taller grape clusters..
 We had some long, lush grapes this time..
 Some of our pickin group volunteers..
 I'm betting those grapes are going
to make one heck of a delishus wine!
Enjoying a little sweet Missouri Vignole
at the end of a long morning..
Hmm..  Missouri wines don't
taste like asphalt to me..  Of course,
then again, I don't remember ever tasting
asphalt before..  Even Missouri hicks know
better than to lick the asphalt..  Wine snobs
can keep away from alllll of our Missouri
wines.  We'll be more than glad to drink it all.
Ha!  Yummy!

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