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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Greaserama Meet Issac..

Soo, it's almost the Labor Day weekend.  Normally, we would be on vacation and I would be loving the break from work.  However, the past three years have been "staycations".
Dutch's mom flew in from Texas a couple years ago and went to the Jack Johnson concert with us.  Loved that!  Dutch spent most of the time rebuilding his hotrod tbucket, taking it from a 307 small block Chevy engine to a 406/407 (apparently, they are the same thing, lol) small block Chevy engine with over 550 horsepower.  Yeah.  It needed that.  Dutch's hotrod has as much testosterone as he does.
Last year, we had Emmy and Milo, and Dutch spent the summer running around in his hopped up hotrod.  Yay.  Awesome.  Hoo rah.  Whatever.
This year?  Another staycation.  This year, just a three day holiday weekend.
The past two years have also been spent at Kansas City's "Greaserama".  It's a rat rod convention that runs the same weekend that the Good Guy's hotrod show hits town.  We will be chock full of hotrods and testosterone alllll holiday weekend long.  Yay.  Awesome.  The difference between Greaserama and the Good Guys shows are glaringly apparent.  The vehicles that are towed into Good Guys have been spit shined and kept in a garage.  They are referred to as, "Trailer" or "Garage" queens because they aren't driven much.  The ones that are towed into Greaserama?  They are towed in because they don't run or probably don't even have an engine in them.  If you dared to venture close enough to try and spit shine a rat rod, it's owner would probably beat ya.  Lol.
Anyway, here are some pictures of last year's Greaserama.

 Dutch's hopped up hotrod..
Dutch and his hotrodding friend Steve
motoring through the parking lot at the show.
Steve has a 1930's Ford Coupe.
 A pretty nice lookin rat rod..
A hopped up delivery wagon..
Does your hotrod have a cracked headlight?
Nooo problem, just add water and live fish..
Btw, no fish were hurt during that adventure..  Lol..
Dutch and Steve went to that Saturday's show
and then went by the Good Guys location too because Steve
wanted to go.  They were only gone for about eight hours,
instead of a whole day like I thought they would..
Dutch asked if I wanted to go for a little while
that Sunday, saying, "We won't stay very long."
We got there at noon and left around 10pm.
Will I be going this year?
Not a chance.
Soo, this year, Greaserama and Good Guy's have
a friend coming to town.  His name is Issac.  He
washed up on the Southern shore sometime Wednesday..
He's coming up here sometime this weekend.  He is
supposed to be pretty wet.  And still moving sloooow..
I'm sure the car show will look a lot like this..
I'm hoping that Issac keeps the hotroddin to a minimum..
However, there's no accounting for testosterone overflow,
especially when there are plenty scantily clad women who will
gladly lower all of our standards and sprawl all over old,
unshined, rusting vehicles.
Men.  Scantily clad ladies.
Whatever.  I'm staying home and enjoying the peace and quiet!
And the rain.  : )..

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