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Thursday, August 9, 2012

What's For Lunch Today?

I kept running aross this handy, dandy little appliance
the past few days, thinking that I needed to use it again.
It was a freebie that we won at one of Creel Trucking's
Christmas parties when Dutch worked for them.  : )..

 So I grabbed some cheese and ham..
 Sauteed half an onion and added my chopped ham..
 Grabbed my tortillas..
 Tossed some mixed onions, ham and cheese on one..
 Covered with another tortilla,
closed the lid and voila,
a short time later?
One yummy, delish,
super, duper, easy peasy quesadilla
just waiting for my lunch time.  : )..
I cut it with a pizza cutter and was done!
Ahh.  Easy, peasy lunches.
Can't beat 'em!

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