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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Young Puppies Walkin..

Let the puppies enjoy the cooler weather today.  They got to celebrate it with a walk around the Independence downtown square.  There were lots of places to sniff and I think Fergus was tinkled out about halfway through the jaunt.  Lol.  He still tried to go on the way back, but I think he was runnin low.  : )..  We wore them out, gave them a cool drink of water and ended their trip with a stop at Petsmart where there were even more things to sniff, more stuff to tinkle on and lots and lots and lots of dogs to bark at. 

We found out, Milo is checking in at 18 pounds, Emmy is close behind at 17 and Fergus is quickly gaining, weighing in at 12.9 pounds.  Pretty good for an eight month old puppy.

Here are some pics from the walk.. 
It was way too bright to really tell how well they were
coming out..

 Tinkle, tinkle little star..
I wasn't quite going for that shot,
but again, it was hard to see with
the sun and my iphone screen.  Lol.
 The Ferginator ferginating..
 Milo maxin and relaxin..
 Emmy eminatin..
And finally, Emmy channeling
her inner Olympic gymnast,
workin it on the balance beam..
She says she's ready for the catwalk now..

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