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Friday, October 5, 2012

Hammy's Energy Drink..

Soo, this morning, I was dragging at work.  Really.  Truly.  Dragging.
Eyes rolling in the back of my head.  Sooo tired.  Sooo drained.  Until,
I had a couple caffeine pills and about half of an Amp Energy Drink.  It
started at 8am, and I had the drink around noon, so it's not like I took all of
it together.  The pills weren't helping.  The drink didn't help.  Until...
After lunch.  Yah, yah!  Caffeine ees gud!  Vary, vary, vary gud!  Yes?
Yah, yah!  Ees gud!  Ooooooooh yah.  Yikes!  I felt like Hammy for the
rest of the day!  Aaaargh!  Whew!  Whoosh!!!  Zip!  Zing!  Yah, yah!
Caffeine is great!!!  Lol.  I've finally gotten past my rush.  There for a while,
I was beginning to think I would be awake for a week.  Yikes!  Caffeine
is gud.  Vary, vary, vary gud.  Whew.  In short supplies.  Lol.  I got a lot done
though.  Ha!  : )..

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