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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Hot Roddin..

 Now, that's my kind of hot rod..  : )..
 This one kind of matches my husband's hot rod,
and it actually runs, they were riding it around the show..
 Their milkshake brings the boys to the hot rod show..
 This is a Bantum hot rod, pretty nice!
 The inside of the Bantum..  : )..
They think my tractor's sexy..
It's a rat rod tractor..
How cool is that?
We went to a big hot rod show, handing
flyers out for our upcoming hot rod / motorcycle
poker run that is planned for the 13th,
in hopes that we could draw a few
people to our ride.
It was a huge show, and there were
a few people who said they would try and come
to our ride..  Should be interesting!

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