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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Long day.. Whew..

Worked a 16 hour shift at the group home,
but it was all good.  : )..
One trip to the grocery store,
with the fire guys moseying around, lol.
Got to see some great animals getting some great
exposure to potential furever homes.
Hope it works out for all of them again!
Who in their right mind could resist a dog like this?
Not me!  Bowser is one of the most gorgeous pits that I
have ever seen.  Look how sweet and snugly he is.
There are no bad breeds.
Only bad people.
Rescue, foster and adopt.
 And finally, I got to see the pup I helped
get out of the Irving Animal Shelter.
It's Marty!  Free at last! Free at last! 
Thank God, he's free at last!
 Getting ready to go to
the Wuf At Us Spa for a short stay until he can
reach his furever home!
It won't be long little Marty man!
Your day is coming, you won't have to
worry any more!  : )..  Woot!
He's a gorgeous boy!


  1. OH Look at that face!I hope Bowser finds a loving home. Several of friends of my kids have pits and they are so loving:)

    Hope Marty is happy in his new place.

    1. WOW did I screw that sentence up: Several friends is what it should read! LOL.

    2. Lol, that's ok, I gotcha. And I agree, they are such loving animals that get a bad rap because of a few people who raise them to be aggressive. Look how sweet and snuggly Bowzer is! Who could believe that he would be mean? He's a sweet little boy just waiting for that right home. I'm sure he won't be there long. : ). And Marty was doing great yesterday afternoon. Going to call and check on him in a bit!

    3. I know, I would like to take those people and just beat them to a pulp. My kids have several friends that have pits, they are protective of their homes, like any animal (i say that because our cat thought she was a dog!), but they are just the sweetest things.

      Glad Marty is doing good.

    4. I almost forgot to invite you over to check out my new blog:


  2. Awesome, I will definitely check your new blog out! : ).. And I totally agree about beating those that turn any animals mean, or torture them. I always say and eye for an eye. There are some awful people out there in the world and I say the sooner we get rid of them, the better we will all be. Pits are great protectors, and so are Rotts, but they are buttercups inside. Lol. And Marty will be in Missouri soon. One of my friends is going to get him and bring him up here. Woot! I think I heard one of the Spa workers say, "Yea!" Lol.