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Monday, October 8, 2012

My Blings And Things Purse Upgrade..

While collecting donations for our auction / raffle / cruise / poker night, I ventured in a local store called, "Blingz 'N Thingz".  They had some really great items, including some distressed hats.  One of them was a great A&W Root Beer hat, adorned with some bling around the logo and some on the distressed brim.  I loved it!  It was gorgeous!  Until..  Whew!  Wow!  Whoa!  I saw the price tag.  It was only a whopping $39.00.  Yikes!  For some bling?  And a hat?  I decided that I am definitely in the wrong business.  Lol.
I still love the hat.  But not quite sure that I love it that much.
Ergo, I decided that I could find items.
I decided that I could buy rhinestones.
I decided that I could put some bling on some things..
Here is my first Blingin upgrade.
 Plain black purse, with a cloth over the top,
getting ready to cover and iron..
 A little patch..
And a little bling..
I've gotta little perfecting to do,
but not bad for my first shot.
And it was definitely cheaper than their item.
This one might show up in one of our auctions or
raffles on Benefits4TyroneH.blogspot.com.
: )..

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