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Thursday, December 27, 2012


Short work week after my four day weekend and
Christmas, but lemme tell ya!
We've been making up for lost time!
Yikes.  Normally I do about 35-40 evaluated
calls in a day, today I did 82 after
working an extra 4 hours.
However, the people at Halls must have
known that I could use a little encouragement.
: )..
This is what they had to say..
Right on time, Halls!
Right on time!
We have one more day to go, and still have so many more
calls and operators to evaluate, but by gosh!
I'm going in for another 12 hour shift and
we will make it!  I know we can!
When push comes to shove, and our noses
are on the grindstone, we make it, and
we make it look easy!
Go Team KC QA!
No!  Really!  Go!
Do those evals!

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  1. Yay! We made it with plenty time to spare. I ended up putting in 650 evals this month. Whew! My brain is glad that I have another four day weekend. : ).