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Friday, December 28, 2012

Va-Va-Va Varoom!

 Dodge came out with the slogan,
"Don't you buy an ugly truck!" back in the 90's
when they unveiled the bubblish hood.
I hated them at first.  Lol.
Then I had a black one drive by
and that was all it took.
I was hooked!
This is a
Mercedes Benz conception model.
Cute!  I'd buy one.
Well, if I could afford it..
: )..
I have never been a huge fan of vintage cars.  Eh. 
I can do with them, or without them,
until Nicolas Cage introduced me
to the only female movie star that I
will ever truly, deeply, madly love..
Yup!  It's....
Such a suhweet little lady!
Ooooooh yeah!
I got to meet her!  Up close and personal!
She came to one of our car shows a few years ago,
and I not only got up close and personal,
I got my picture taken with this
delicious, awesome, beautiful car..

They had seven Eleanor's for the filming of "Gone In 60 Seconds".
One was totaled while filming the beginning of the big jump scene,
 one was totaled while filming the landing, and
one was totaled when they smashed the car in the junkyard.
The last three ladies went on tour.
Looks like at least one
made an appearance at the Barrett Jackson Auction
at some point in time.
I bet it brought in a pretty good penny!
Whew!  I luv me some Eleanor!
Muah! Muah! Muah!
: )

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