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Monday, January 21, 2013

Quick and Easy Breakfast Skillet

Another one of my projects waiting to be loaded
on my blog..  A yummy, ham and veggie,
cheesy egg breakfast delight that I whipped up.

I chopped half an onion..
  Added some chopped red pepper..
 And some diced ham..
 I sauteed the veggies, and then added the ham..
 Whipped up four eggs and a little splash of milk..
 And cooked the eggs until they were nice and scrambled,
then added some shredded cheese on top.
 Served with some buttered bread,
it was pretty yummy.  : )..
 And it was quick and easy, peasy..
No link to recipes for this one..
Strictly me adding whatever sounded good.

I teamed it up with my yummy fake mimosa..
 Orange Juice and an original flavor
Smirnoff Ice..  Deeeelicious!
And such a great way to enjoy breakfast on a day off!
Ummmm Hmmm!

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