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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Ham And Apple Panini's.. : )..

Aha!  I'm back in business!
Finally fixed the issues Firefox had
when I tried to access my blog through their
browser.  Blogger and Internet Explorer are still
having photo issues, so I'll be off IE for a while.
I've been busy over here, despite having a couple
weeks of loading videos on my page.  I've had a couple
wine mob meetings.  I've started another winner, winner,
chicken dinner winery passport tour program.

I made some deeeelishus Ham and Apple Panini's.
Apples?  On a sandwich?
You betcha!

I sliced my apples and cooked them just a little
so they weren't so crunchy.  
 Added some yummy Almond butter,
or as my boss calls it, "ALmond Butter".
 Added a couple slices of ham..
 Added my apple slices..
Put the other piece of bread on..
(I buttered both sides of my bread..)
Since we don't have a handy, dandy
panini press, I decided to try my co-workers
suggestion, and used our handy, dandy
Quesadilla maker instead..
Worked like a charm!
 And ended up with this..
A yummy, super delicious ham and apple
panini sammich for lunch.
: )..
Easy, peasy and sooo yummy!
Just the way I like it.

for quite a while, I'm linking up again.
: )..

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