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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Necessity is the mother of invention..

 My friend's house, we got some heavy,
heavy snow that is weighing trees and power lines
down all over town..
Another friend's house and bush..
Even one of our local wineries logged on to submit this picture..
It's the new and upcoming Arcadian Moon winery..
Can't wait to try them out..
Our house?  Just like those pics..
Our satellite on the roof?
Covered in snow and out for a while..
A snow day without satellite?!
I think not! Not when I can chuck a mean
snowball or two!
Ha! Success!  : )..
It was enough to get it back on.
If the neighbors came out,
I was going to yell,
"I guess sometimes, there just aren't enough rocks."
Lol.  We won't tell them why there are a couple
oranges in their backyard though.
(whistling innocently)

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