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Monday, February 11, 2013

Sunday Fun..

 Worked at the group home from 7am until 9pm last night,
and had to muddle through a trip to the grocery store..
Lol..  Although, the firefighters sure did make it a lot better..
I had a better shot, but it came out too blurry to use..
Ever since our woozy co-worker summoned the firemen
at work, there has been something about those guys in uniform..
: )..
 Got another taste of home,
a bag of chips from Fulton's Backer's Potato Chip Plant..
It's the town that I grew up in,
and it's about 140 miles from where I am now..
Our local Price Chopper's carry these in their dollar aisle..
And we found out that our friend's son is being featured and promoted
to several NFL teams for this year's consideration..
Andy is going to be seen by 32 different teams on Axios Sports Management's
Pro Day.  Way to go Andy!!  Good luck!!!
I was wayyyy to tired to do much after getting back home,
so my Sunday fun was delayed by a day..
(Also, lol, please disregard the running commentary on the
Los Lobos Locos video.  Men and legal Moonshine don't mix
very well.  However, that saxophone that is being played, costs
$6,000.  Wow!  Hearing the great sounds it makes, I can bet it does!)

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