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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Terriers Got it Goin On.. : )..

Although I'm partial to our Cairn Terriers,
I couldn't help rooting for the cutest little Russell
Terrier girl prancing around the ring at
this year's Westminster Kennel Club show..
It's one of two new breeds allowed in this year,
and Maddy made it big!
She made it to 4th place in the Terrier Group..

Such a cute little girl..
Wish she would have won..
I think I'm bad luck to the dogs that
I like though, they never win..
Including that gorgeous Alaskan Malamute last year,
GCS Catanyas Latin Lover..
He should have won too..
Look how beautiful he was!!
He lost to a boring Doberman and an eh, Boxer..
He was robbed..  Robbed I tell ya!  Lol.
He should have been Best In Show..
This is what won..
A Swiffer Sweeper..
Really?  Pish..
These little babies are my next faves..
Norwich Terriers..
Way too cute..
And way too expensive..
They will run ya a pretty little penny..
Or two.. 
Behold the cuteness..
: )..
Alrighty.. Back to the Best In Show..
Wonder who will win?

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