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Friday, March 29, 2013


 Caught up with some great friends
at Jazz, A Louisiana Kitchen
at the Legends Mall in Kansas tonight..
 We had alligator bites,
which kind of tasted like clams..
 We made our friend Angie try some..
Lol..  This was the before picture..
She wasn't too keen on trying alligator.. 
And probably less keen after she tried it..
Ha!  It really wasn't too bad, kinda yummy!
 We found out that our waiter only moonlighted
as one a couple days of the week..
His real job?
He's a firefighter.
: ).. Right on..
And also kind of appropriate that we were
hanging out with the woozy co-worker
that started all of our firefighter obsessions..
 Yikes!  I had the Shrimp Czarina,
which was delishus, but whew!
SPICY!!  I should have remembered to have them
go a little light on the Cayenne Pepper..
And to top it all off?
One of our friends won a free order
of beignets with her Front Flip iphone app.

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