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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Smokin Guns and Sweet Tator Fries.. Oooh My!

Ooh yeah..
Guy Fierri..
Diners, Drive Ins and Dives..
In North Kansas City at
Smokin Gun's BBQ..
Dutch wanted to try them out after
seeing this clip from 2010..
What's for dinner tonight?

 Burnt Ends soaked in Au Jus..
And some sausage and ham,
with Sweet Tator fries..
I love Sweet Tators,
and I really love Sweet Tator fries..
: )..
Dutch asks, as he grabs another one of 
my precious sweet tator fries,
"Whaddya think?"
I'm thinkin you better stop eating my
sweet tator fries or that eastern diamond
rattlesnake bite from years ago won't be the
only reason that you lost part of a finger
in North Kansas City, MO.

That story later.
Great dinner though!
Definitely Triple D worthy.

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