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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Nothing like a head wound to kill a party..

Lol.  I have never been accused of being graceful.  Went to our friends to celebrate the end of the NFL Draft today, hoping that Andrew Helmicks phone would ring and his name would be called.  He still has free agency though, which means he could get tryouts with several teams instead.  Tom Brady from the Patriots was a free agent.  However, back to my lack of grace?  Sitting on a little incline facing up the hill probably wasn't good.  Neither was trying a tuck and roll that turned out to be more rock and roll instead.  Rolled back, spilled over and bonk!  Conked the top backside of my blogging noggin.  Conk!  It never hurt, my eyes were fine, my head was not concussioned, lost a little red stuff from an inch and a half cut though.  Still doesn't hurt. The word stitches and tetanus shot were discussed but I'm a trooper.  It'll be alright.  : ).  Our host sliced her finger trying to slice a brisket too.  All in all, it was still a good day. Could have been a great one but I'm sure it's just the beginning of a great career for Andy.

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