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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Happy May Day! Ding Dong! Whoosh!

 A blast from the past while thinking about past May Days..
I always enjoyed dropping a bouquet on my neighbor's
step, ringing the doorbell according to tradition
and splitting as fast as I could..
This is my old hometown's Court Street back in the day..
And we think cars look alike these days!
Kind of interesting seeing this picture,
in my day, Court Street was a one way street going away from the camera..
My old home was about a mile and a half straight ahead.
Good times, good times, good times.
 Such pretty springy colors, that website did a great job with this pic!
 Makes me want to sit out on this person's porch.
Crazy!  They were selling these items for $100.
Oooh if I had a place to put it that is as nice as that spot.  : )..
 I would sit and enjoy the leaves on the trees and the pretty sky..
this happens..
I heard "snowy mix".
In May.
Oh my gosh.
What is that?
What did that say?
I can't look.
Tell it to go away.
My friend's daughter is finally back in the states
after several months volunteering to teach
Dominican Republic kids to read.
She's excited and hoping to see snow.
Just for her.
I can respect that.
: ).
Not sure if I like it.
for her..
a little.

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