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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Such a great picture, I had to blow it up.
Lol!  Aww.  Buh Bye!
She was waaaaaaay too perky.
I'm not a big fan of perky.
At all.
She reminded me of a charicture drawing
with those big teeth and all that hair.
She played the piano and sang and the judges
thought she was better than sliced bread.
I don't know how many times I heard
Dutch say she would win this year
because she's "skinny and the total package".
Tonight? He actually said,
"The skinny, talented one will have a bigger
career than the big girl."
: /..
If anyone is looking for my spouse and they
can't find him?  They might find him
duct taped, stuffed in a closet,
with ear buds in his ears
and Nicki Minaj's greatest hits
looping on his iphone.
Back to the matter at hand!
There are only two left.
And my Candice!
Go Candice!!
A parting video for us to enjoy?
It's Angie at her best.
Smokey Robinson's
"You Better Shop Around"

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