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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Girls Day Out..

Milo and Fergus each had their turns at
the groomer, today it was Auntie Em's turn.
After I picked her up, I told her that I had a big surprise
for her.  We stopped at the puppy store!
She hasn't been there in a while,
it's crazy trying to take
our hooligans out at the same time.
They have a pack mentality, and will bark
incessantly at other dogs.
Lol.  One time?  Emmy even barked
at a cardboard cut out of a dog.
She did pretty well.  She only barked at one
black lab, tried to lick a couple ladies
toes (she loves people in flip flops!),
and then snuggled up with a little Pit Bull puppy
that was a cutie patootie.
Emmy thoroughly enjoyed her stop.
I tried to get her to pick out a toy, but she was
more interested in just running around the aisles.
Sooo, that's what we did.  We walked all over the store,
and when she started wearing out, called it a day.
: )..

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