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Tuesday, July 16, 2013


So after several long, weary, annoying, loud months
at work, suffering despite taking several
steps to quell the noise..
I finally bid out of the Quality Assurance Department,
was interviewed, and hired for another recently added group.
I start training for our Special Operations department in
the morning.  : )..  It's a lateral move, so I don't think
there is any bump in pay, until we get a DOD
department, and I should happen to become DOD certified.
I think I was also at the end of my day in and day out
call evaluation grind.  I was starting to burn out.
We make widgets until the end of the month,
and then start over the very next week.
Whew.  Now I can take a breath
of fresh air and spend a little
time over on the quiet side of the floor.
Yay.  Yay.  Yay.
It's been an emotionally grinding couple weeks,
where I flip flopped on my decision to leave QA.
I literally changed my mind just about every
five minutes.
Take the job!
C'mon!  It'll be great!
But it's partially inbound calls that I don't really like.
It's quiet over there!
Oh yeah..  Nooooooo.
C'mon.  You can do it!!!
Umm..  Yeah..  Nooooooooooo.
Take the job!
Unh uh!!
Stop bein a weenie and
quitcher bellyaching!
Alright.  Noooooooooooooooo.
Umm.  Ok.  I will.
I did.
I'm emotionally wrung out.
Another change today?
My husband, the hot rodder got this done today.
It's a Rat Fink / hot rod tattoo
based on his TBucket
that he built.

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