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Sunday, July 14, 2013

KC under the stars..

Had a rough night at work.
Had tickets to take some of our group home
clients to KC's Starlight Theater
for their last night of
Flash Dance, the Musical.
Rough.  Just rough.
: )..
 Especially with views like this on the way in.
 And this.  Which seems to be missing.. Something..
One of my friends pointed out, what do you think
the Scarecrow was standing on?  Lol.
Poor Toto.  And Dorothy looks a little like
FrankenDorothy.  Lol.
 Another great shot of the waterfall and a palm tree.
I want both of those.  I loved seeing the palm trees
when we went to Kemah, TX a few years ago.
And finally, a view from our seats.
Such a rough night.
Although, actually, I think we were being
divebombed by bats at one point.
Yikes! And I'm sure there were some skeeters
out there hunting me down.
Such a rough night.
: )..
I muddled through it.
: )..
What a feeling!!

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