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Friday, October 4, 2013

Auntie Em's Day.. : )..

After work, I came home..
Let the dogs out
(who let the dogs out? me! me!)
and then let Milo and Fergus back in.
Went around back and got
Emmy all snuggled in her harness and away we went!
Stopped and grabbed a cheeseburger,
minus the onions, which she cheerfully scarfed down.
Ventured on to the puppy store where she
blissfully puppy shopped up and down the aisles,
stopping from time to time to smell
various areas.  I don't want to know what had been there,
I can definitely imagine.  Lol.
We started to leave, but Emmy wasn't done,
pulling me back into the store for a few more rounds.
This particular store was the one where
she attended several weeks and three puppy training classes.
She had a great time, my only regret,
was that I left my phone in my car in a hurry to get going
in a vehicle with air conditioning.
 Ha!  Flipped the camera around on the phone
and she didn't even know I was taking this picture.  : )..
 Or this one..
 But she knew about this one..
Along with her brothers..
Her usual camera pose,
on the way home from the groomers
the other day.
No pictures please. 
She was so worn out, she had to go take a nap
this afternoon.  We'll have to make
another trip out soon.
Planned to take her for a walk
downtown, but it was
way too hot out there today.

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