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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Throwback Thurs.. Umm.. Secondary Saturday?

 I finally got the point of Throwback Thursday,
and added a couple additions for myself..
This was oooooh..
From wayyyy back when.
That's me, my oldest brother, Joe,
his dog, Ike, and my middle brother,
Jeff.  It's Jeff's birthday today.
I won't say when this picture was taken,
I'll just leave it as, "it was the start of a decade".
Lol.  Hope Jeff had a great birthday.
: )..
And this picture was a few years later..
That's my dad, correctly nicknamed, "Windy Lindy"
since his middle name is Lynford, and he's been known to tell
a few (hundred or more) tall tales.
Including a few (more) stories about how we
were related to Jesse James.  We might have been
related to the Younger Brothers..  Soo..
Hard to tell.
The family genealogy guide did say we were
related to Daniel Boone.  Pretty cool.
And that's my mom, known as Lora to some,
and to some of Dad's relatives as, "Pat",
because she possibly didn't want them to know her real name?
It's been a while since I've heard the story
behind that.  Lol.
It was her birthday this last Monday.
Alrighty.  Two more early dayshifts.
One day off.
And then, starting Wednesday,
I'm starting my 1800-0230 schedule.
Whew.  Should be fun!

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