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Sunday, October 6, 2013

So what did I do today? Ohhh.. Hmm..

Left work..
Went to KS..
Participated in a surprise 10K..
 And that was only halfway from where my husband
parked his car - where my ticket was..
 Got to hang out 2 rows away from Kevin Harvick..
Jeff Gordon..  Carl Edwards..  Dale Jr..  Juan Pablo Montoya
and a whole host of others..
Including Kyle Busch until he crashed into the wall
on turn one..  Lol..  No one likes a Busch boy..
One of the restarts from the second row
where our seats were.  : )..
Boogity, Boogity, Boggity!
 Dutch scored some primo Nascar tickets last
night at a charity bike ride..
 Got to see Kevin Harvick win and
do some pretty good burnouts..
And then got to participate in another 10k on the way back to the car.
The light in the middle of the picture?
With the little gold building?
That's the track.
Pretty cool though.
Got to go to a Busch race a few years ago.
This was our first big time Nascar trip.
Loud.  Fun.  Awesome.
: )..
Let's go racin boys!

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