Just a few rambling thoughts and crafts from a mind that is full of both. I am talented in my mind but regularly run full throttle into the wall of procrastination. I have raised procrastination to an art form. A friend once told me I have a BS in BS and a minor in excuse making. If there is anyway to get out of doing my best, I will do my best to get out of it. Welcome to my saburban life. : ).. Lol.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Back on track..

I used those missing days to snuggle with the pups,
to play, and to spend some quality time with them as well.

And I actually got myself in gear enough
to toss some dinner in the crockpot,
so that my other half will have
dinner when he gets home.
I'll be back at work before then.
Whew.  I have got to get off this shift.
Anyway..  Nothing fancy..
Smoked Sausage cut in links..
Chopped cabbage..
A dash of salt and pepper..
One cup of water and one beef bouillon cube..
Cooked on high for 3-4 hours.
Served with veggies and a salad.
Should work out pretty well.
And now..  Off to work..

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