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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Ohhh Yeah! Happy, Happy, Happy day!

 Another puppy had a birthday today!
Happy 3rd birthday to our sweetest one ever,
The sweet one out for his birthday cheeseburger cake
and a surprise walk with us downtown..  : )..
And on top of all that goodness?
Our KC Chiefs are 6-0 after a rousing routing of
those dastardly Oakland Raiders..
Our fans??  Cheered them on to a Guiness Book of World Records
137.5 cheer, making KC the loudest outdoor NFL Stadium again.
Gooooo Chiefs!
Gooooo Chiefs Fans!!
Well done to all!
And if those things weren't enough?
Got a dinner out with some Shrimp Chimichangas
and it's my (surprise! oh yeah it is!) Friday
at work.  I thought this was my Thursday.

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