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Friday, October 18, 2013

Siwi.. Weccomend a Westowant..

Dang.  I think I picked a shift that was harder than my 0500 one.
Whew.  This shift has been kickin my hind end,
and it's not getting any easier.
However, in the past couple days, I've had my 14th wedding
anniversary, to be "celebrated" tomorrow instead
because of work schedules for the both of us..
And we both got the new hot rod iPhones,
complete with Siwi.  She didn't quite understand what I was asking,
"Hmm.  Let me think about that.  'What went?'"
Not quite.  : )..  Bawwy Kwipke is a hoot.  Lol.
Today we went from "fall" weather, which wasn't quite
so bad, to freezing sleet.  Yikes!  Brrr.
I am soooooo not ready for that yet.
Kansas is already getting snow.
Yeah.  I know.  It's the middle of October.
I'm just not a cold weather fan.
That being said.
Here is a nice fall picture to bide my time.
Until I awaken tomorrow..
I hope that all is well.

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