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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Soo Delicious.. : )..

I never used to like lemon lime sodas
until just a few years ago..
Now?  I have found that they go very well
with other drink items..
Such as..

Orange Juice..
Tastes kinda mimosa-ish..
Yummy..  : )..
Apple Juice..
I would load a picture,
but apparently none of the Apple Juice pics
want to load.  Lol.
And someone else suggested
Cranberry Juice..
Which apparently won't load either.

I might have to start drinking my
sodas with juice more often,
or my juices with soda.
I'm not a big Cranberry fan,
although Ocean Spray had a great
White Cranberry - Grape drink mix that they
have since discontinued.

However, I might also have to
have a little OJ with some
of Smirnoff Ice's added..
And or.. Some homemade
Sangria..  : )..

The next two days are my weekend..
It's time to relax and enjoy
my time off..
: )..

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