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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Ring their bell...

After a great season, our guys are one and done in
the playoffs, despite playing a fantastic game.
We could have had that game if we hadn't
been dropping players all over the
field like they had been hit by the plague..
We lost Jamal Charles four minutes into the first quarter,
Donnie Avery and then Brandon Flowers, all
to concussions, and then lost Kniles Davis and
Justin Houston to knee injuries before it was all said and done.
For those who want to knock our team down,
pbbbpplllt.  Haters gotta hate and potaters gotta potate.
For those who realize what this team did this year?
We celebrate with ya.
It was a great season Chiefs fans.
No matter how it ended.
Rock on Chiefs.
Proud of ya.

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