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Monday, March 24, 2014

What we have here.. Is a failure to communicate.. : )..

Have you ever had a time where you know that
you have missed an integral part of a conversation?  : )..
We have friends who are Filipino and some of their
conversations seem so randomly funny because every once
in a while, they throw in an English word or two.
"Corner of Masarap St. and Malutong.... heheheh... joke!
Sa bahay lang po nila. May waiting list
                                                       Wala ata tayo ng gulay and fish...
                                                               patay ang diet ko...Lol!!!!
Sometimes it's words like lawnmower and fish.
I think I'm missing out.  Lol.
It reminds me of the writing assignment I had
in my Creative Writing class back in high school.
We had to pick an ending sentence and write
a story around it.  I chose, "And that's why
there are no more chickens in the hen house."
It was a great story, I wish that I still had
a copy of it, but since it's been ..  a while ago, I don't.
My co-worker was telling me something yesterday.
She had made cupcakes and a six layer cake
for her daughter's birthday.
There was something about knobs that were
hard to turn, and then the next thing I knew?
She would have to vacuum the curtains again.
Huh?  I think I missed something.  Lol.
I think I am going to have to pay attention
more often.  : )..

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