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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Smoke Alarms, Group Home Security Guards and Big Foot, Oh My!

Worked at my old group home this evening.
Smoke alarm from chicken cooking at 4pm.
All ok.  Called off the Fire Department.
Coworker called the hospitals security and got a newbie in training.
He swears it was a real fire.
Later, his boss Ron comes by to investigate and finds out all was ok .
Laughing he tells us the new guy Anthony isnt the sharpest out there.
Ron calls over to the hospital and here is the ensuing conversations:

Anthony: Security..
Ron: Is Ron there?
Anthony:  No hes gone.
Ron: We need him over here at Peery. 
We are being attacked by Big Foot..
(My coworker and I are laughing by now)
Anthony to his trainer Angela: Ron needs to go to Peery,
They are being attacked by Big F..as he hangs up the line.
We are all laughing.
I told Ron he better watch out, Anthony will probably send the police.
Ron calls Angela: Angela..
Angela:  Ron!  Peery neeeds you!  They are being attacked!
We are crying now..
Our phone rings..
Valerie answers: Hello?
Anthony: Who called from thrre a minute ago?
Valerie hands the phone to Ron..
Ron: This is Ron.
Anthony: Hey!  Peery needs you over there!
Ron;: I'm already here..  OK, I will check around for Big Foot.
No problem.
He was finally able to tell Angela what was up,
Who got quite the laugh too.
Lol.  Fun times at the group home tonight.
: )..

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