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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Pudding Cheese? Minnow Cheese? Oooh.. Pimento Cheese.. Sheesh..

I love Pimento Cheese..
Love it on celery..
Love it on bread with lettuce..
Love it in general..
I hate the price of it in stores..
Little container..
BIG price..

We have some clients who work five
days a week that are sick to death
of lunch meat sandwiches..
I can't say I blame them at all..
I stepped up and decided to
start making them alternative lunches..

Yesterday I made Pimento Cheese..
One co-worker asked, "Pudding Cheese?"
while another person asked, "Minnow Cheese?"
Lol.  Yup..  Pudding and Minnows..
Yummy!  : )..

I found an easy little recipe online
from Martha Stewart, and it is
fantastic!  Soooo much
better than the gooey mess you get
in the stores, and soooo much
more for bang for your buck..

I will never have to buy store made
Pimento Cheese again..

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