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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My Day So Far.. Lol.

Hmm..  I seem to have gotten a little bit
of eggshell in my eggs this morning..
I am.. Just that talented..
I got a US Census Bureau Survey..
My husband made Buffalo Chicken Thighs
this time instead of wings..
It was my suggestion.
I love wings, but by gosh!
That's a whole lotta work for such a
little piece of chicken meat.
This made all that work worthwhile!
And they were deeeeelishus!
Dutch can definitely cook!
Now..  Wait a minute..
This is 2013.
Egg shell in eggs.
Buffalo Chicken Thighs.
A census?
In 2013?
What is up with that?
Seven years too early..
Hmm.. Let the Chattel Counting
begin.. I think my response will be,
"I'll mail it back 7 years from now."
I loooove the "Your response is required by Law".
Yeah.  That's the same "law" that is trying
to change the Constitution.
I'll respond alright.
I don't think they will like my answer.
"Stop phishing!! Scammers!!"
: p.

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