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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Terrific Tattoos..

 I love everything Celestial..
Suns / Moons and Stars..
But I love the colors, or lack
thereof in this one.  So simple
but yet, so eye catching.  : )..
And this is a UV Light tattoo that is such an awesome
looking tattoo, even without the light.
However, turn it on and it's amazing.
I'll get around to getting another tattoo
eventually.  I've got two right now.
One coyote howling at a moon on one ankle,
and a Sun/Fire and Moon/Water Yin Yang
on my other ankle.
That one stung like the dickens though,
so it's made me a little hesitant to get
However, I decided a few years ago that my
split personality, Aunt Dorine really
needs her own tattoo.  Lol..
I want to get a mischievious
Angel / Devil Hello Kitty
tattoo for her.
I will probably end up having
to have someone create it for me
though because I'm not finding one that
I like out there yet.
One day I'll find the right one though.
: )..


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    1. Thanks for stopping by Randy, I checked out your Tattoo website as well. Great tattoo pictures on there as well! I love that butterfly tattoo with the name Mikalia on Jaz's Gallery and the skeleton at the bottom of Reg's Gallery. : ).. Great stuff!