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Monday, December 31, 2012


If ya know me, ya know that I am soooo not a fan of snow.
However, I have three little Scottish Hooligans
who absolutely love it.
Sooo, we had to let them out for a little fun this morning.
Poor little Fergus was sick the other day, so he got
to take a trip to our vet, Dr. Swoope.
I figured he had an Upper Respiratory Infection
because he was coughing and hacking, and got sick a couple
times, couldn't get comfortable, wasn't eating and just wasn't
feeling very well.  Turns out, he has acute tonsilitis.  : (..
He's been on amoxicilin since then and is feeling a lot better!
 Here he is with his snowy little face,
and the red hoodie that Grandpa sent Emmy
or Milo when they were younger.
And this is Emmy in the Peace Sign hoodie,
and Milo in his sporty, gray hoodie,
chasing down a snow covered sugar gum ball.

Hit the backspace yesterday and lost my video..
Closed the post out and forgot to go back
and reload this.  Whoopsies! 

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